The West Plains covers a vast area to the west of Spokane.  This area is home to Spokane International Airport, Fairchild Air Force Base, and for those who enjoy a bit of gambling and fun, Northern Quest Casino.  Going south, you will find Eastern Washington University in Cheney.  West Plains is growing exponentially with the soon to be upgraded airport, the transfer of over 400 airmen to our area and the new Amazon warehouse being built.

Spokane International Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the United States.  It currently houses 6 airlines and has 16 nonstop destinations.  The airport is growing and will be expected to go through a transformation here soon with a consolidated checkpoint and baggage claim.  For more information, visit www.spokaneairports.net

Fairchild Air Force Base is expected to grow by at least 400 airmen in 2019.  The base has more planes coming which means more airmen which in turn increases the investment being made in Spokane to house both the planes and our servicemen.  We feel honored to have our military in our surrounding areas keeping us safe on a regular basis.  For more information, visit www.fairchild.af.mil

Northern Quest is one of the many places to visit in the Spokane area for concerts, comedians and other entertainment.  With its newly expanded facilities adding more shopping, restaurants, hotel and kids area, you could make this a destination without leaving the Spokane area.  For more information, visit www.northernquest.com

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